Sunday, September 09, 2007

8th of september Birthday of Our lady

The 8th of September, the Birthday of Our Lady, a greater feast of the church's calender and a "big day" at Marian Valley. His Grace himself, Archbishop Bathersby celebrated Mass at the shrine in honor of Our Lady.The Archbishop prayers the opening PrayerFr Prior proclaims the Gospel. A Bishop assisted by two of his priests is a very moving sight.In the words of Fr Prior, "we are in for a treat, we get to see Br Luke's renewal of Profession."His grace honors Our Lady by incensing here statue.The source and summit of the mass, the consecration.After mass Father gave a brief talk (which took 15mintues!) on Our Lady. Meanwhiles his Grace had to unfortunately leave us.
After Father's talk we had a Eucharistic procession to the grotto of Our Lady of Fatima.Which was followed by benediction.

This truly was a great celebration of this feast of Our Lady.


Fr. Reginald Wilson. said...

It is good to see you promoting sound Catholic Faith in Qld. If you keep on inviting the Archbishop he might be converted and start promoting such practices in the Archdiocese.

Anonymous said...

From what I know, I think you will find the Archbishop invited himself.