Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Liturgical Gear

Well since in my previous post I mention that I am a liturgist (Traditional). Since few churches up here in Brisbane have a full set of all the liturgical gear I like to have, I constantly find my self carting around and restoring liturgical gear. Here are a few photo's that I wanted so show off.

To the left are two acoylte candle stick that I prefer to use at most churches. There as big as I can get for the time being.

While here we have two pre-vatican II sanctus torches. I only recently found these and spend the better half of a day attempting to restore them (using toothpaste due to lack of a better method). Apparently they haven't been used for aleast since the council. That's all for now. I'd love to hear any advice about restoring liturgical gear that you might want to suggest.

College Awards Evening

Last night my Catholic high school had it's inulgrual awards evening. Basicly from that evening you can effectivly sum up how Catholic the school actualy is. I found you can define it in one easy sentance.

"In the name of the Father, the spirit, wait I forgot someone didn't I"

Not meaning to attack or offend the poor girl that had to lead the school in prayer that night, But what a perfect example that is, to show how "catholic" Catholic education is up here in brisbane.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Marian Valley

Well now due to Brisbane repuation for being liberal, Here is a nice little shrine run by the Pauline monks. This shrine is the most orthodox novus ordo mass centre in the whole archdioces. The Shine is Called Marian Valley and is under the patronage of Our Lady help of Christians. The shrine is run by three monks. Fr Columba the pior, Fr Gabriel andBr Luke.
Fr Columba just recently took over the reains from Fr Andrew Dembiski. Fr Columba quick made the shrine into a mass centre with full solemn masses.

The above two pictures are from the Monks "private Chapel" this is were they pffer the weekday masses. steaming from this chapel is the Main Altar of there makeshift church.

Here's a photo of the Altar they use for sunday masses.

While here is a photo of a ramdom area of the shrine.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


For all those people that don't know the Latin Mass chaplin (Fr Jordan) is a very good priest. This means he runs around Australia and New Zealand lending a hand to all orthodox Catholics. Due to this he has to frequently find replacements. Today's replacment was Fr Lawrence Gresser FSSP the provincial of the priestly fraternity of St Peter (a very saintly group of priests).
Finally like always Fr Gresser had a ripper of a sermon.

Latin Mas Brisbane

Now just to confirm those rumours that the archdioceses has tried to suppress. Yes we do have a Latin Mass comunity up here in Brisbane and it's growing too. Fr Gregory Jordan SJ is the saintly chaplain. The Latin Mass is celebrated at 9:30am each Sunday and we have a two week rotation between a Low Mass and a sung Mass. We are lucky enough to have a nice church to celebrate Mass in, even though it is a tad small. The church is under the patronage of St Luke.

Here's the altar was it stands for the Novus Ordo Mass. A few of us at the community refer to this set up as the pumpkin.

And this is the wonderful Tridentine set up. It's a lot more open and less crowed. But due to the altar being so small we have a basic limit of 2 servers for Low Masses and 4 for sung Masses. But don't get your hopes up for the fully Solemn High Mass , due to us not being able to find a deacon and subdeacon. But if we did, I'm sure we'd be overcrowded.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Corpus Christi with the Archbishop

The make shift altar

Building on from the previous post.

Later that day I quickly traveled to Indooroopilly for the big (traditional thankfully) Corpus Christi procession. As Summa Theologica might remember it rained that day. I was under cover so I was dry, can't say the same of Summa Theologica lol.

Here is the cross.

Here's me with the archbishop. Yes I know he's suppose to wear his purple choir cassock, but what can I do about it?

Monday, October 16, 2006

A Theologian Joins The Crew

Wow, it's only the second day that this blog's been online and I have an additional member on this blog. So let me introduce you to my good friend Summa Theologica aka one of the Buckley boys.

As suggested by the username Summa Theologica will be our resident theologian and I'll take care of the Liturgy so that's a great team.

Hopefully someone else apart from my friends will visit this blog and benefit from it.

Looking forward to those theological posts Summa Theologica

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Call to holiness

Right just yesterday morning I was awaken rudely by a phone call at 9:00am in the morning (long story about Saturday being the only day I can sleep in). Calling me was a certain Mrs Mangano, who told me to serve that day for the Most Rev Julian Porteous DD VG. who was to celebrate Mass for the Call to Holiness Conferance later that day. After actually waking up to the fact that I was to serve for a bishop I said sure. (please note i'm aiming for that old dective movies style, also i no way do i wish to insult Ms Mangano)

Long story short, I called my friend Eddie and convinced him to serve with me.

When I got to the church Eddie and I had to reset the liturgical gear along your more traditional lines (chalice views, Bishops lavabo set, procession cross, thrible). After a brief thought I came to the conclulsion that I needed more servers.

The other servers surprisingly were easily found. Thus I had two acolytes (Eddie and someother guy I found) with huge processional oil lamp candles, a crossbearer (another guy I found), a thrifler and boat boy ( the Buckley Boys, my friends who serve at a very high standard), another server to help with washing the concelebrants hands after communion and carting around the Bishop's Zuccetto (he didn't bring his mitre) and finally me as a makshift MC.

Here's the only photo my dad managed to take at the Mass. I'm the one in the cassock and surplice
Just wondering if anyone knowlegable in the matter: Can a Bishop's MC even if a layman assume a purple cassock?? I think I've seen it somewhere.

Et Clamor Meus Ad Te Veniat

After a long time listening to the voice of orthodox Catholics on the net I finally decided to add my voice to theirs.

This Blogs hopes to express my opinions on what is going on in the Catholic World and especially on what's going on in the Brisbane Archdiocese.

Also frequent posts of Masses with photos that happen in the archdiocese of Brisbane, for those who want to see photos (I certainly do)