Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It doesnt get better than this

Looking at the Papal Altar set up in Genoa we are seeing, at least in the architectural arrangements of the Altar, the most perfect form of the Ordinary Form Mass. This is now setting the benchmark, particularly the Benedictine Altar arrangement. It will be exciting seeing this arrangement in Sydney.

Some of you may be saying "but he should be celebrating ad-orientem", but remember that both forms of orientation are allowed for in the OF and EF, and we do not have to do something from just one point in history. The presence of the crucifix orients the celebrant and people towards "the one Lord yesterday, today and forever" (Spirit of the Liturgy). Note that the candles are not spread across the Altar forming a wall but are tastefully located to form both a frame and an iconostasis for the Altar as well as provide some view for people to see the sacred vessels upon the Altar.

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