Friday, September 26, 2008

On the 19th Sunday after Pentecost, we had a flying visit from one Fr Mark Withoos. Fr Mark convinced Fr Jordan, as well as the choir to have a sung Mass. A well sung Mass, with an homily as well as confessions heard through the Mass, was an unexpected delight, so soon after the Feast of the Holy cross. Father's Latin now, noticeably has an Italian Twang, as well as his preference for Roman vestments and use of the biretta certainly means Fr Mark has become a Roman.

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Joshua said...

Great to see Fr Withoos at the altar!

The rumour in Melbourne, at the time of his ordination, had been that then-Abp Pell made him promise not to say the TLM for five years after his ordination... I asked Fr about this a few years later, and learnt that "as he's no longer Abp of Melbourne, I regard that agreement as no longer binding"!

Ad multos annos!