Monday, January 05, 2009

My retreat

The first days of this New Year, I gave to my private retreat. I hope that my consecration of these few days to the Lord will set the tone of this year. Black Madonna, one of the Marian Valley’s retreat houses provided an almost monastic cell for these few days. I enjoyed having a few days where in a quiet and tranquil setting I could pray the hours, spend a large chunk of time conducting lectio divina and most importantly being absorbed in silence.

Daily Mass and even a common recitation of vespers with one of the Pauline Monks was a great addition to my some what light schedule. Surprisingly the Pauline monks retain there somewhat eastern roots by chanting the office tono recto, very similar to my experience of the Byzantine office.

As St Benedict stresses, the unity of prayer and work, was also a feature of my retreat, thanks in large part to an early morning storm, that allowed a good mornings work of clearing branches.

Surprisingly I experience a quasi spiritual conference, with an Anglican priest, which yields unexpected fruit. I even asked for his blessing, regretting that I didn’t receive his first blessing after his ordination.

Marian Valley is a marvelous place to conduct a retreat, I hearty recommend it.

Our Lady of Jasna Gora , Pray for us.


Joshua said...

Please don't be offended, but did you say you asked an Anglican 'priest' for a blessing? Recall that the Catholic Church considers their orders invalid ("absolutely null and utterly void" - Apostolicæ Curæ, Leo XIII).

Roman433 said...

No offense taken. Certain information regarding the priest's background and certain things Fr Jordan has mentioned to me, make such a clear cut pronouncement rather difficult to make at this time. The case certainly was different during the days of Leo XIII,things were somehow simpler.