Sunday, November 05, 2006

All saints and All souls day

I love it when we do get permisson to celebrate missa cantata's during the week. It really makes my day to get from a school that has almost forgotten that it is Catholic, to hearing the awesome sounds of chant. Also I finally meet Tony aka Br Benedict (don't ask) and he gave me the best present I have gotten since my St Joseph's missal (Thanks again Nikolai)

Drum Roll

An authentic liber usualis from 1936. Trouble is that all of it is in Latin and I can only make sense of a few intructions and "rubrics". Now hopefully with the help of our local choir master, I can learn to sing without people running out of the room screaming.

Anyway I did take my camera along and took a few photos after the Mass. So here they are:

Above is the thrifer station in the sacristy after Mass.

And here is our sutanne and surplice cupboard. Why would I show you these pictures of the sacristy? Well I don't know. I was serving as MC so I could take photos during the Mass, so I thought I'd take photos of the sacristy.

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