Sunday, November 05, 2006

First Fridays

Up here the Alliance of the Holy Family International has a First Friday vigil of reparation. Basically we have adoration all night. We use the church of St James at Cooparoo. We actually have one of the Capuchin Fathers that are up here celebrate a "solemn" Novus Ordo Mass. My good friend Pinky was kind enough to take great photos of the Mass, so I thought of showing you the best of the bunch.

Here is the entrance procession. Jerad was thrifer, My friend Romnick was Crucifer, Mark and Eddie were Acolytes and I was MC.

Here we are during the Gospel.

Here am I insensing the priest during the offertory.

Here we are at elevation. Just makes you say "My lord my God" as St Thomas did.

At the vigil we recive communion the traditional way but kneeling, on the tongue and with a commuinon plate.

After the Mass we had a photo left so we decided to have one of those "pose" photos. So above is me and Jerard. Finally yes, we are serving with the full package of sutanne, amice, alb and cinture. Yes, it was hot but we offered it up.

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