Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's the Eye of the Tiger

My co-blogger did a nice transation of a well know pop song and here it is:

The Eye of the Tiger

Iterum exsurgo in via
Penam persolvi, fortunae me commisi
Ad finem restiti nunc sum denuo in ordine
Solum homo et voluntas ejus superesse

Tam saepe nimis celeriter accidit
Studium tuum gloriae tradis
Ne relinqueris somnia praeteritorum
Debes contendere ut solum ea servares

Oculus tigris est, pars melior certaminis
Provocationem rivalis respondemus
Ultimus notus superstes praedam suam insiditur nocte
Atque omnes nos oculo tigris adspicit

Translated by Summa Theologica with the generous assistance of KC.

Completion date 8/1/07

Now It would be funny if this was used in latin as a hymn at mass, Hec most of the people would have no idea what it is about!

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