Thursday, February 22, 2007


Last year, I took a trip down to my previous abode, the city of Wollongong. Back there I attended Mass at the Polish community, which is currently using the Parish Church at Unanderra. Let me tell you this church looks very nice, even after the post V II high altar basing. Above is a photo of the exterior of the church, to those of those architectural experts, would someone please tell me what style the church is built with.

As you can see the altar has just been moved forward, no jack hammer involved. We can still clearly see the high altar candles. We even still have a sedilla (Chairs for the Priest, Deacon and Sub deacon) facing the altar, which is a rare and appreciated feat. Although you can not see them in this photo the two side altars are still there.

Now the amazing thing about this parish is the parish priest. This photo above is a photo from the 50th anniversary of the Polish community in Wollongong. Now as my readers know the server on the left with the thurible is me, but next to me on my left is Father Mark O'Keefe. Now sit down, this may shock you. Oh that's right you are already sitting down, okay well he is the boat boy.............

Can you believe it the parish priest is serving as a lowly boat boy, Wow the humility! This Priest most Sunday is in his cassock, this really makes the Polish Chaplin and the provincial, whom was also there, look rather undressed.
This priest is a shining example of what should be the standard that, at least a priest wears his cassock on a Sunday.
Now here is the procession out assembling. One poor thing to note was that we had a great verity of fully dress celebrants, a vested acolyte, two poorly dressed servers, one server not even dress in sacred clothing, one cleric fill in and a priest in choir. A nice tribute to the LEX ORANDI, LEX CREDENDI.

Please note I am wearing a choir surplice, it's not meant for serving, but its wide sleeves. Finally, we are using the thurible on the way out, well just for show, this Polish community was probably never seen a thurible at the mass.

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