Sunday, October 14, 2007

13th of October

Ah the 13th of October, a tricky day, 3 great events and people had to pick. Call to holiness, Rosary Procession thought the city or a Big day at Marian Valley. Needless to say I put my loyalty to Marian Valley first, after all I am it's MC.Here Father, Brother and I get ready for reposition
Here we have the procession in.
Father Incenses the Altar with the MC and Thurifer assisting.Just a few photos from the massHere Fr Andrew the previous Prior visiting from Rome blesses the Statue of JP2Here's another photo encompassing the statueLike always the day ended with a procession to the grotto and benediction. The day was great, the turn out was around 650. Which is surprising due to other great events happening at the same time. What I heard and hopefully someone will come forward with photos, that the same number turned out for the rosary procession through the city. Although I was asked to MC the procession (just look after a crucifer and two acolytes), I decline, but it gave my friends who served it a valuable learning experience, that of the necessity of an MC.

The blog is coming out of hibernation and stay tuned for great posts from our reporter Steven.

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Anonymous said...

I am profoundly impressed by the events you referred to. There seems to be quite a few "mustard seeds" north of the border.