Sunday, March 23, 2008

Follow up

Dear Friends,

Further to my circular e-mail of yesterday, detailing just how often the post-conciliar Catholic liturgy has all along been praying for the conversion of the Jews, the information below, received from a friend who knows the traditional Divine Office better than I do. indicates that, believe it or not, the Novus Ordo liturgy prays for the conversion of the Jews more frequently thsan the old liturgy: seven times a year as opposed to just once a year Good Friday! (I've deleted my friend's name and email address to guard his privacy.)
Easter blessings (as the Church prays for the conversion of Israel to Christ at Vespers on Easter Sunday - and throughout the Easter season!)

Fr. Brian Harrison, O.S.

Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 16:18:25 -0700

Subject: RE: Pope and all bishops, priests and nuns will pray for conversion of Jews this Easter Sunday.

Dear Brian,

My copy of the Byzantine Liturgy is in English. My polygotism does not extend to slavonic!
As to Lauds & Vespers. They have no intercessions in the traditional rite. Prime and Compline do in certain seasons, but these are fixed 'preces' and mostly scriptural. So it's only in the New Office that the prayers for the Jews occur. In fact in the traditional rite it is only in the one prayer on Good Friday that the Jews are prayed for.
I saw the Papal ceremonies on EWTN. They are getting better and better. What a difference a pontiff can make.

Gaudia Paschalia,


Brian Harrison wrote:

Dear N.
Interesting. I had thought of the Eastern rites, but have no ready access to their liturgical books - which I probably couldn't understahd anyway.
Incidentally, does the (traditional) Roman Breviary have intercessions at Lauds and/or Vespers like the N.O. does? (I don't think it does, but as you may remember, I have v. little knowledge of it.) If not, it would seem ironic that the N.O. actually prays for the conversion of Jews more than does the traditional liturgy. (Enough to send Abe Foxman apoplectic?)

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