Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Master of Ceremonies Novus Ordo

Here's a post I dug up that I did on a Catholic Answers forum, in response to the role of an MC at the ordinary form.

I've been MC at Novus Ordo Masses and functions before. Baiscly you'd base the role of the MC, on the MC of the extra ordinary form. This means, his role increases and decreases with the form of Mass.
For example at a solemn Mass with a Deacon the MC would over see the mass making sure that everyone does what they have to do, maintain order and also he would assist at the missal(whilst the deacon assists with the Pall) and assist during the Gospel. At a Solemn Mass with two deacons, the MC would oversee, maintain order (he's not needed at the altar) and just assist at the Gospel. Whilst at a Solemn Mass with no deacon (Missa Cantata in the old form), the MC would oversee, maintain order and just assist at the Gospel and at the missal.

The MC, would need to know everyone's roles and he also needs to be ready to assist the Sacred Ministers (priests and Deacon) if need be, so he generally would stick close to them.

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