Sunday, October 15, 2006

Call to holiness

Right just yesterday morning I was awaken rudely by a phone call at 9:00am in the morning (long story about Saturday being the only day I can sleep in). Calling me was a certain Mrs Mangano, who told me to serve that day for the Most Rev Julian Porteous DD VG. who was to celebrate Mass for the Call to Holiness Conferance later that day. After actually waking up to the fact that I was to serve for a bishop I said sure. (please note i'm aiming for that old dective movies style, also i no way do i wish to insult Ms Mangano)

Long story short, I called my friend Eddie and convinced him to serve with me.

When I got to the church Eddie and I had to reset the liturgical gear along your more traditional lines (chalice views, Bishops lavabo set, procession cross, thrible). After a brief thought I came to the conclulsion that I needed more servers.

The other servers surprisingly were easily found. Thus I had two acolytes (Eddie and someother guy I found) with huge processional oil lamp candles, a crossbearer (another guy I found), a thrifler and boat boy ( the Buckley Boys, my friends who serve at a very high standard), another server to help with washing the concelebrants hands after communion and carting around the Bishop's Zuccetto (he didn't bring his mitre) and finally me as a makshift MC.

Here's the only photo my dad managed to take at the Mass. I'm the one in the cassock and surplice
Just wondering if anyone knowlegable in the matter: Can a Bishop's MC even if a layman assume a purple cassock?? I think I've seen it somewhere.


aaron said...

Not MC. Some people believe the chior may in great feasts -- aka Lewisham in Sydney.

I'm a fan of the MC always being in cassock and surplice even if the acolytes are in alb and cinture. However the crucifer may wear a tunicle if he is not married

Roman433 said...

Crucifer wearing the tunicle, even in the new rite?

Pope said...

Hmmmm as far as I know the MC of the Ordinary. . if the bishops in his diocese wears a purple soutane. . cleric or not. . But no cincture. .

God Bless,