Saturday, October 28, 2006

Marian Valley

Well now due to Brisbane repuation for being liberal, Here is a nice little shrine run by the Pauline monks. This shrine is the most orthodox novus ordo mass centre in the whole archdioces. The Shine is Called Marian Valley and is under the patronage of Our Lady help of Christians. The shrine is run by three monks. Fr Columba the pior, Fr Gabriel andBr Luke.
Fr Columba just recently took over the reains from Fr Andrew Dembiski. Fr Columba quick made the shrine into a mass centre with full solemn masses.

The above two pictures are from the Monks "private Chapel" this is were they pffer the weekday masses. steaming from this chapel is the Main Altar of there makeshift church.

Here's a photo of the Altar they use for sunday masses.

While here is a photo of a ramdom area of the shrine.

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