Monday, January 14, 2008

The guild Confrence

I'm back. On this Blog, I'll be posting my personal photos, of the less official moments of the Conference, whilst on the Guild's Blog, I hope to post the official photos, from other sources as well as my own

***The Guild's blog is, Br Lawrence, if you get the chance, get in touch with me, I'm interested the those chant lessons again.****

To start off a photo of South Melbourne Tram station.
A shot of JP contemplating our next move.The first day of the conference, lots of listening, taking in all of the info Fr Tattersall shared with us.
We also had a few sessions of Gregorian chant tutorials.Later on we had drills in various roles for High Mass, this photo is from the acolyte drills.
Holding the candles, holding them straight, genuflecting properly and so forth.
We also had thurifer drills, Fr McCaffery demonstrated how to incense properly, explain the optimal usage of coals and complained about getting old as well as Dane's smoke production.
A few of the Melbourne servers and myself, took the opportunity to travel around Melbourne for some makeshift sight seeing and good harty meals.
A shot of St Pat's Cathedral.
Yes Fabio, you can be on the blog.
To wrap this post up, (don't worry, there will be more), we have a photo, of Fr Tattersall holding and explain the joys of Fortescue in relation to the Roman missal, which JP is holding. My apologies about the poor photo, but trying to take photo's without flash and discreetly, whilst the objects are in motion is a little difficult.


fabio said...

yay...i;m on da blog...there goes one fulfilled vain desire

Br_Lawrence said...

You should make a link to the Guild Blog in your post.

Anonymous said...

I am happy that you are safely home. Thank you for making the trip, and God bless you.