Saturday, January 19, 2008

This Week's Dumb Statement

I nominate so-called "Catholic" theologian Uta Ranke-Heinemann for dumb statement of the week.

Speaking to DW-WORLD.DE she said:

"Personally I am against abortion, but not from the first moment of conception. Lehmann on the other hand called an embryo that's just seconds old an individual, i.e. something indivisible, which is scientific nonsense."

I wonder if Uta is any more indivisible than an embryo? Perhaps we could try an experiment and see if she can be sawn in half.

By the way, she also informs us that:

The pope should not be infallible.

Naughty behavior that - being infallible.

On the same note I remind Pope Benedict that he should also not leave the lid of the toothpaste undone whenever he brushes his teeth.


Anonymous said...

I have never heard such a stupid statements in my life.
Who even gave her the title of theologan in the first place. I really think there should be a test that one must pass to obtain the title of Catholic theologan otherwise such absurd statements will be appearing more and more.

Summa Theologica said...

Her statement that an individual is something "indivisible" is absurd. If you look up any standard dictionary an individual is defined as "a human being." And to say it is a human being is certainly not scientific nonsense. Many pro abortionist are even recognizing this but argue that whilst it is a human it isn't a "person."

Of course one characteristic of every being as a being is it's unity. But that doesn't mean that (in the corporeal realm) it isn't complex and made up of parts.

The silliest thing about her comment is that when you are a single cell moments after conception it is in a sense the point at which you are most "indivisible" (whatever is meant by that). Of course if she means it is divisible because it divides and multiplies into more cells well that's still true long after conception takes place!

Anonymous said...

Most scientist, if not all, know that an embrio is a human being. The problem is is that they see us as just being animals and/or a means to learn more about the human body. And so they are not moved at the thought of aborting an embryo or fetus.