Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Years

With most ringing in the new year by watching Firework, drinking and generally partying, I chose a more spiritual way, it's served me well in the past. I stayed at the Marian Valley Pauline Monastery, this time I had the pleasure of staying in on of there Hermitages. First on the Program was a solemn Mass of thanksgiving for the 07 year. Unfortunately we were lacking servers, mainly it was just Br Luke and myself, althought for this Mass , we had one of the little boys join us. Not being the MC (It's pretty hard with only three servers), allowed me to lay aside choir dress and vest in my apparalled Amice and alb. Hey look it was the last Mass of the year, so might as well go all out.
After the Thanksgiving Mass, the blessed Sacrament was exposed. After praying the whole year for rain, we finally got it at the end of the year, it just bucketed down. Quite disappointingly for us because our candle light Eucharist procession was canceled.
A few minutes before Midnight we had the solemn singing of the Te Deum , followed by Benediction. At Midnight we had the first Mass of the year, the Mass of the Holy Mother of God.

The New year, clearly aroused the Scottish in Fr Columba after the midnight mass, so he HAD to get out his Bagpipes and reign in the new year.In the morning we had a Mass at 11, followed by a BQQ. Needless to say, a lot more people came to the Morning Mass. To wrap with Post up, here are a few photos from the BBQ after Mass.From all of us here at Et Clamour, we wish you all a Happy and Holy Christmas and New year.

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Fr Reginald Wilson said...

Very encouraging to see photos of such a Happy and Holy New Year. I pass on my greetings to all involved, especially the Et Clamor Meus Ad Te Veniat bloggers.