Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cardinal Pell's Pontifical

It's terribly late, I know, but I have finally been able to hunt down photos of the November 3rd Pontifical High Mass that Cardinal Pell celebrated.
The sacred Ministers before the altar, during the prayers at the foot of the altar.
After the incensation of the Altar , the Celebrant is incensed.
Here we have the torch bearers during the Mass. I was one of them for this Mass, I'm at the end somewhere.
The deacon is blessed before the Gospel.
Here the Gospel is sung. Notice how the 2nd MC is in choir dress, whilst the servers are vested in apparalled Albs and amices. Australia, with it's Benedictine roots, makes the apparels and Gothic vestments, distinctively Australian. Also Vatican two Called for "noble simplicity" in the vestments of the church, Gothic vestments embody this perfectly, their beauty is not derived from the material or decoration, but rather from it's shape.

I'd wish to Thank Thomas Kwok for providing the photos.

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