Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Artic Winds

One week has past here, with my presence in this city. I find my time being spent presently. JP is still busily working away on the preparations for the grand ceremonies of Juventutem. I am quite looking forward to wearing a cope and a few other goodies for my roles in the ceremonies. The Latin Mass community here in Caulfield, has quite a different dynamic then what I am used to. Liturgically it is superb, but the community doesn’t seem to have the same zing that Burranda has, something I am starting to miss. Last Sunday, we had two African priests in choir, certainly a new experience for us, times like these show us truly how universal the church is.

The Dress standard of the people here is a big higher then Brisbane, most probably due to the climate. I have found my usual standard of casual with track pants coming under fire. I quite enjoy making the most of my scarf’s, gloves and jackets, which do not get used too often up in sunny old bris. I have borrowed a coat from the family I am staying with, much to my delight.

I have explored many more parts of Melbourne and now I am quite confident with using the public transport system by myself. Trams I find particularly enjoyable and convenient. It really is amazing to contemplate just how south I currently am. When I was relaxing over a coffee with a friend at Brighton, I just struck me, the horizon south from the city, is quite literally the edge of the world (Bar Tasmania and Antarctica).

The eyes of the world are turning their gaze upon Australia, the great southern land. Peter is coming……

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