Tuesday, July 22, 2008

World Youth Day 2008

I’m back. After two weeks in Melbourne and one week in Sydney I have finally returned to Brisbane. World Youth day, was Dynamic… It wasn’t stagnant, it was full of surprises. In this post I’ll just write up a few things just off the top of my head, I’ll something to a bit of contemplation before I decided to share them on the blog.

Truly it was an amazing time, being surrounded by so many young Catholics. Jeremy from Singapore, Emmanuel from Switzerland, Ewee, Greg and Jessica from the USA , just to name a few. The company of the Latin Mass community from Melbourne was much appreciated all those fun adventures with Omar, Tara, Jude, Dane, JP, Roman and Friska. Meeting fellow bloggers was also enjoyable, look forward to more blogs being added to the blog roles.
The saddest part of all was the farewells.

Liturgically it was just a wonderland, four pontifical masses at the faldstool, one at the throne, solemn vespers, solemn vespers at the throne, four solemn high masses and a multitude of low masses, I was privileged to serve. The highlights much have been the Low masses said simulations at three altars and serving for a mass with out a congregation for a newly ordained priest, ad orientam. Several pontifical blessings and even a few from the Pope I was the proud recipient and even the first blessing of a priest.

Needless to say, my Gothic surplice and Gothic alb were used quite frequently.

World Youth day was amazing. My many Thanks and prayers for all those that contributed financially to my trip, your help was much appreciated, especially after my luggage failed to arrive.

Christus Vincit!


Anonymous said...

You go on and on about your Gothic surplice and alb far too often!! Remember, you should be talking about the litrugy, not how good you are all the time!! :)

Roman433 said...
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