Thursday, July 03, 2008

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Currently I am enjoying the urban surroundings of the city of Melbourne. The city is a curios change from the relatively small and clam Brisbane. The city looks grayer then what I am used too, there is more hustle and commotion then sunny old Brisbane. The weather is cold and windy (I left 23 degrees for this!). I find my self in a bit of a tight situation; I packed for the duration of 3 weeks, for fairly cold weather, but not this cold , my Kingdom for a coat.

What am I doing in Melbourne I hear you ask? I’m here in this fair city, to spend one week of holidays, one week with the Juventutem program, then a further week in Sydney for the main course of world youth day. As I type this post, JP Caulfield’s illustrious Master of Ceremonies, is also busy typing away on server manuals for the several pontifical masses that will occur with the Juventutem program. Exciting is it not?

So far in my stay in Melbourne, I have busied myself with socializing, clothes shopping with women (2 years off purgatory), thurifing for a high mass ,watching the gripping cliff hanger of the 4 series of Dr Who and being a loyal patron of Subway.

I Hope to provide our readers here with updates on the happenings of Juventutem.

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Joshua said...

Glad to hear you're in the great see of Melbourne, out at Caulfield for the first week of Juventutem - look forward to seeing you in Sydney!