Monday, August 13, 2007

Back at St Luke's

The Brisbane Extra Ordinary form community is back at St Luke's Burranda.
Back to a newly repainted and refurbished church, the community is at maximum capacity once again. But I lament going back to such a small sanctuary.The Holy sacrafice celebrated on "snowy white" linens sure is a good sign.
Once again , everyone's patience was tested with a group photo.

And in other good news, the altar server's guild of St Laurence has just been founded, with members from Melbourne and Brisbane, check out the blog, run by none other then myself


Br_lawrence said...

Oh well, smaller church is better than no church I suppose! Although bigger church you can fill it up with more incense!!!!!! Been to St Luke's a few times, love to come back sometime. Great to see the photos! The community definately grew in size since I last went there!

Anonymous said...

The Guild looks great. I often serve the trad mass in Canberra, what are the conditions of membership and how can I join?

Roman433 said...

Well e-mail me for a start,, then get in touch with Fr Glen Tattersall FSSP, we haven't formalized any details as of yet, but we are hoping for a national conference this January.