Sunday, August 05, 2007

Last mass at toowong

Today was the last day the Extra ordinary form community had their mass at Toowong. The Normative church of St Luke's buranda has just finished being re-painted.In honor of this being our last away mass, we had a missa cantata, as apposed to the usual low mass that we had at toowong.

It's quite sad, because st Ignatius Toowong is more suited to extra oridinary form then st Luke's, due to it's better acoustics and space.
Here is our chaplain Fr Gregory Jordan SJ, smiling away

This week we again took a photo of the whole community, this time with a better arrangement so we could fit them all in. The community is still growing! we soon just might and God willing out grow St Luke's church.Here are the servers and Father. These servers might soon be apart of the Altar servers guild of st Lawrence, so stay tuned. Finally notice the Gothic surplice the MC is wearing? this is the original and ancient form of the surplice, the surplice started getting shorter from the end of the medieval ages, it continued getting shorter. This surplice is a notable example of the "Lewisham style".

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