Monday, August 27, 2007

Melbourne Trip

Well as Stephan has kindly mentioned , I was at the Solemn Pontifical in Melbourne. I took a few photos of preparation before and after mass, and a few shots of the Cathedral. The Juventutem Blog has a few more shots as well,
Here are a few of the servers. As you may notice that the Thurifer ( to the right) and the Acolytes are wearing Albs and Amices. This is very praise worthy in my opinion, these three roles, along with the crucifer, serve the mass. Thus Choir dress (cassock and surplice) is not appropriate. Many Catholics of good standing are of the opinion that the alb is only for girls, or just for sacred ministers, quite a improper thought. The ancient usage of the Roman rite, has the acolytes in albs (the Thurifer is basically the third acolyte), I believe in and am push a revival of the custom, we must be carefully not to get stuck in a 1950s mindset or a 1960s one for that matter!
Servers came from all over Melbourne, these two my fellow torch bearers are from Burke Hall, a chapel run by the FSSP.
Server vestingJohn Paul, the head MC at Caulfield, he directed the servers at the mass and I was luck enough to stay at his house and he's Polish as well!St Pat's has lot more Liturgical Gear then I could dream of, even our own Cathedral can not compare. A nice "Churchy" thurible.The Cathedral also enjoys, whole racks of torches!!A great processional cross to boot!
Here are the servers after mass, all in black cassocks!St Patrick's has a gigantic organ, and it is quite appropriately situated to the right of the sanctuary not behind it, as is the case with our Cathedral.During my stay I heard the Gong sound instead of a bell, my previous experiences with a gong were poor, but this one was rather good. The sound traveled nicely and produced a nice low pitch sound.Here is the Altar that the mass was said on, quite nice. I just loved the altar cross and candle sticks.

Well stay tunned a another post is in the works about the "goodies" the sacristy contained.


aaron said...

not many servers??!! We would nearly have that many for a missa canta on a sunday.

Michael Pearce said...

Dear Roman
Thank you for your coverage of the Pontifical Mass at St Patrick's. You may remember that I was the reluctant Subdeacon of the Cross. I hope you don't mind my clarifying some of the matters you mention. There are seven, not three, principal servers of Pontifical Mass at the throne. These are the mitre-bearer, the crosier-bearer, the book-bearer, the bugia-bearer, the thurifer, and the two acolytes (see Fortescue, O'Connell and Reid p. 190).
Here at Lewisham all the servers wear cassocks with apparelled albs
and amices. Cassocks and Sarum
surplices are worn by the MC and those in choir.
Keep up the good work.
Michael Pearce

Roman433 said...

Dear Michael

I'd love it if you would send me an e-mail and contact me directly, my e-mail is on my profile. I would really love to talk to someone from Lewisham. By the way, I'll be at lewisham on the 23rd and I would love to meet you again.