Monday, December 31, 2007

Yet another High Mass

With Fr Withoos and Nicholas Rynne still in Bris, we had the opportunity to have another high mass with in the octave of Christmas.

Being a Sunday, we had Asperges before Mass.
Here's a nice action shot of Fr Jordan whilst asperging. Fr Jordan, will makes sure everyone gets hit with the holy water.
The Subdeacon chants the epistle.
The offertory. If you notice the Gothic vestments worn by the Sacred ministers and the MC's Gothic Surplice, these are all made by a local vestment maker, a very nice job on them all.
To wrap it all off, we have a nice shot of the elevation.

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Fr Reginald Wilson said...

I was wondering who the deacon was in your previous post. Now, I know! It is very encouraging to see good priests and seminarians gathering to celebrate the TLM. Like bees to the honey-pot!!!