Thursday, May 31, 2007

Catholic School's For Catholics

Earlier today I saw this article :
I appears that the Archbishop of Hobart has filed to be exempt from discrimination laws and turn away some non Catholics from his schools.
"He said the policy would ensure "very strong Catholic ethos and vision" in Tasmanian Catholic schools, and would be slowly rolled out across the state."

Ah yes, a very strong Catholic Ethos, sounds good, but I just hope and pray that it will come true.
The article gives figures that he hope that Catholic schools will contain 75& Catholics as apposed to the current figure of 40%. I am not opposed to non Catholics going to Catholics schools, just as long as they sign a document saying that they consent to be brought up in Catholic Values. Also it provides a good opportunity for conversions, give a good Catholic catechist.

I go to a Catholic High school up here in Brisbane, It will remain nameless, but needless to say, I weep for the souls of the students. So much heresy, so many distractions and so many lost souls.
Sure we generously give to the community, but we can not give something that we do not have.

I ask for the prayers of every Catholic, Pray for our Schools. Satan really is Winning this battle, especially up here.

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