Sunday, May 06, 2007

Pillgramage of the Indian Community

Saturday May 5th, the Indian community had a there annual pilgrimage to Marian valley in honor of Our Lady of Good health. The Mass was celebrated by Fr Pancras Jordan O.P. ( A Dominican? I didn't even notice he was a Dominican, I just found out by reading the booklet, hmm hard to tell who's who with out their uniform)
It was nice to see the Catholic indians, the media pushes the Hindu side of the country too much. India the church in India is very ancient, apparently St Thomas came there to peach the Gospels.
As soon as mass ended the Indian priest had to rush off to a wedding, so Fr Prior had to lead the procession to the shrine of Our Lady of good health. Br Luke and I assisted Father with his Cope, holy water stoop and Biretta.
At the shrine we prayed a few litany's and Father gave a special blessing for all the pilgrims.
Father Prior, Is a priest with great love for our lady.Once everyone had a nice lunch to replenish lost energy from the procession, we had benediction of the blessed sacrament to end the day as is the norm for first Saturday devotions.

As favorite quote of mine from one of the usual pilgrims is that "I come to here to recharge my batteries every month" Quite true, I recommend a pilgrimage to Marian Valley to anyone who needs to recharge his spiritual "Batteries"

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