Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dutch Pilgramage to Marian Valley

Today, I had the great honor of serving for his excellency Rev Joseph Oudeman OFMCap, D.D.
I received the awesome privilege of handling the pontificals of the bishop, due to being the MC. It was just me and bro Luke, so no big show , much to my disappointment. Look the way I reason is since the bishop has the fullness of priesthood and is a direct successor of the apostles, it is almost mandated that it be a mass with a decent level of solemnity (expect in some cases, such as war and extreme persecution).The procession to the altar was quite bare, no acolytes, no thurifer, not even a miter or crosier bearer. I really wish I had a good team or several teams of servers at my disposal for such occasions.

I must admit that I wasn't expecting a bishop to be there. I was caught off guard, if i was thinking logically, i would have known that a bishop was going to be there and I would have brought my good cassock and my lacy surplice, but oh well I'm offering it up.

Today was also the first time I got to place a miter on a bishops head. I've handled one before, I've played with one (i was a little kid!) and I've even dropped one, but i've never had the privilege of placing one a bishops head.
The mass was in English, but the ordinary was chanted in Latin. Bishop Oudeman suprised me with his ability to chant and to intone.
I'm currently i need of generous people to donate via pay pal, so i can have a cassock made, the one i use in this photo is getting to short and my fancy one is a bit to big for me, so please if you do have any funds you can part with, please donate. Also due to my increase in serving for bishops, I'm thinking of having a purple cassock made.

I really wish that priest, could still vest as deacons. It's a nice roman tradition, that when required the priest humbled him self so far that he would act as a deacon. Also it would also be great to see the dalmatic again.
Here is myself, brother Luke , fr Gabriel and Bishop Oudeman enjoying lunch. I joked with Fr Gabriel how most teens spend their Saturday's shopping or relaxing at home or in the company of their friends, while i spend it in the company of religious zealots. For processions, if you do not have sufficient servers, it really starts to show, By it being extremely short, so umbrella canopy, no candles or torches and you see the thurifer trying to reload the thurible one handed as i am currently doing in the photo.

A nice photo of the procession in action.
Benediction is the perfect way to round the day off. Wait , actually being offered $50 to have a religious brother as a pet by Fr Prior is the best way, unfortunately my father declined, he said it was just more work for him.

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