Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Adore 2007 Perth!

The post you have all been waiting for. The adore it's self. Now just to warn you the whole adore was in that big tent right there.
Well since I am a liturgy Nut, I can only show you photos of the masses. So if you want to see the action songs and talks of Fr bing , photos I'm sorry that I disappoint you. Here is Fr John with the well know Br Sebastian.

The gospel is proclaimed.
Fr John having a little, shortness problem, decided to leave the ambo for the homily fearing that it might fall due to him having to stand on a box. This is acceptable even for my high standard, hey look at least he isn't running up and down the church like a mad man!

As you can see they were 3 other concelebrants with Fr John.Here Fr John is incensing the altar. This is the only thing I really do hate, a priest incensing the altar by himself. It is an imemorial custom to have atleast the thurifer walk with the priest while he is incensing the altar! In a concelebrated mass you would have two con celebrants flank the priest, it would look awesome, but I guess some priests are a bit too proud with their priesthood.The Summit of the adore, is the holy mass. Even if all the talks would be poorly prepared, delivered, all the action songs go horribly wrong and even the tent falling down, the adore would still be a success if the mass was perfect. After all the point of an adore is not to dance around, meet other young people and hear Fr Bing, but it is there so the youth of Australia experience Jesus truly present in the Eucharist.

Fear not there are still more photos coming.

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