Tuesday, May 29, 2007


For the great feast of Pentecost, Fr Jordan unfortunately had to be absent. So Father Columba the prior of the local Pauline Fathers monastery stepped up to the plate.

I had the great Honor of Mcing for Fr Columba at his first missa cantata. This was his first time, so he was understandably nervous, but he passed with flying colors.
Fr Columba brought his white biretta along. Here I'm trying to keep up with the chants so that Father and the servers may move at the best possible time, needless to say we had about a minute of awkward silence as the incense was prepared.Father delivered another great sermon. Father can get very enthusiastic when preaching.

Father and I wore nice lace vestments. I like lace, but it has to be christiological, not curtain, floral or Victoria's secret lace.
Our little sanctuary can get quite crowed with as little as a missa cantata.

The Mass went smoothly, Father said now that he has one under his belt, he would gladly fancy it up with asperges next time. It really is nice seeing more priests celebrate the tridentine mass.

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