Sunday, December 09, 2007

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Greetings all. After a long absence's from blogging, partly due to losing my internet connection and partly due to sloth, I hope to resume blogging this advent season. Now I'll get serious for a moment, Advent, everyday, especially due to me reciting the liturgy of the hours, the beauty of this season is becoming apparent to me.
"Come, Let us worship the Lord, The King who is to come"
Advent seems to me, as a time when the church prepares for the liturgical birth of Christ, but also the church prepares the faithful for Christ's coming at the end of time, as well as for the spiritual birth of Christ the hearts of the faithful. Advent really is a great time to prepare, to get our spiritual lives in order. Being a High school student, having two months off really gives you a lot of time on your hands. Most of my fellow students spend the holidays partying and being bored. I hope to recharged the spiritual life, having more time for God. Hopefully with my unrushed recitation of the office, daily Mass and more of a Monastic life, will help me, to be ready for next year, for my final year.

Pray for me my readers.

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Fr Reginald Wilson said...

Good to hear from you Roman as you take a break from your studies and escape from the Brisbane heat. Re-charging the spiritual batteries are a must for all of us. The Traditional Ignatian Retreats have just finished in Sydney (ask Kenneth about it) and many of us, including a great group of young men (maybe four thinking priesthood)went away re-charged.