Monday, December 03, 2007

St Patricks Church Fortitude Valley Brisbane

Yesterday I was priviledged to attend the Pontifical Mass (Ordinary Form) to celebrate the 125 year anniversary of one of the oldest churches in Brisbane, and an excellent example of Australian colonial gothic. Unfortunately I did not take any photographs inside as I did not have my camera with me. However, I will provide some in a later post, so you can see what I am talking about.
Sadly though it is in a bad state of repair, and has not survived the post Vatican II years very well. Thankfully the High Altar side Altars and sanctuary is in a complete state as the Vatican II "sanctuary" was built (in plywood) in front of it. The church plate is still in the sacristry (most of it heavily tarnished), but the High Altar candle sticks are missing.
Personally, I felt as people must have at the end of the protestant reformation, given a liturgy in the vernacular with a communion table in the centre of the nave. I said to Roman this afternoon to Roman that I felt more comfortable in the old sanctuary, and it was hard not to be drawn to genuflect towards the stripped High Altar (the tabernacle had been moved to a side Altar).
The archdiocese is seeking funds to restore the church
His Grace the Archbishop of Brisbane said at the end of Mass that if anybody had a spare $1 million, that the restoration of the church would be a good project to donate to. I thought thats a good idea but if I was a multi-millionaire I would be insistent that any renovations / restorations ensure that Mass can be easily celebrated in the Extraordinary Form as well as the OF before I would agree to funds being released. Not having that kind of money I would like to donate but send a letter with the donation that it should be restored for both usages.
I wonder how successful I will be? Please support the cause.

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