Monday, December 10, 2007

Hospital Chaplincy reflections

Thursday last week I spent the whole day doing the rounds of the local hospital with the Chaplin there. I must say it defiantly is an experience. Father Chaplin is my spiritual director, so I can say that we are friends. He gave me a few pointers, but I really didn't do anything, just follow him around. I even got to see the last rites performed. Two things I will distinctly remember from the experience, one, washing hands is a pain, when you have to do it every time you enter and leave a ward (we did 12) and two, the Our Father, when said in unison is very consoling. Father said the most important thing to do, is not to dive in and ask what state are they with God, but rather to get them to pray. Once they start praying, the grace will follow and work on them, so hopefully they will be at peace with there maker when he calls.The Sacraments are all way there for the person, but the person is not all ways there for the sacrament.

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Fr Reginald Wilson said...

Great experience Roman. It is really wonderful for people to get this type of pastoral experience as more and more acolytes and ministers of Holy Communion are tending to the spiritual needs of the sick. It is also good for developing a priestly vocation, as no doubt, Fr Chaplain has said.