Friday, March 16, 2007

Christ the King, Redhill

Last year for the feast of Christ the King a solemn Mass of Pope Paul the 6th was celebrated at the Chruch of St Briget's at Redhill. I was kindly chosen my Mrs Mongano to over see the servers for the mass, thus causing my to asume the role of MC. My Server team composed of My co-blogger, his brother, my freind eddie and myself. We had no major faults apart from the acolyte candles blowing out at the entrance to the church.

The Mass was properly celebrated by one of my beloved Capucin Priests Fr Merlin who also celebrates the first friday vigil at St Jame's Cooperoo. The ordinary of the mass was chanted by a lose band of people who know how to chant. Overall It was a true expression of the kingship of Chirst. Below are a few photos of the actualy church, due to be being simply stunning. Unfortunatly my star photographer did not bring his camera, thus me not being able to post pictures of the Mass its self.

The Church is amazingly imposing and large due to it's sheer size and the fact that it is on a hill over looking a good part of the city of brisbane.

The entrance is an awsome sight to behold.
The sanctuary is simple gigantic. There are two beautiful side altar still in tact, as well as the high altar being still left in the church. The other good news from a tradtional perspective is that the low altar is very much unnoticiable thus allowing for a mass to be celebrated ad orientem with ease.

All in all this church is spectaular, well worth a vist. I hope that when the latin mass coumminity up here grows too big for our church we get granted the use of this awsome church.

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