Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński

His Eminence Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski was a great Polish Cardinal. His two greatest achievements where the holding back the tide of communist that was ready to spread from Soviet Russia to engulf Europe and the safeguarding of the Holy Tradition of the Church in Poland. Poland being under communist rule at the time, force the Holy See to make the Cardinal effectively the Spiritual dictator of Poland, he held all the ecclesiastical titles, such as nuncio, primate, president of the Episcopal conference of Poland. His status and character demanded the up most obedience of all of Poland’s bishops, thus prevented any wild card bishops, such as Cardinal Roger Mahoney of Los Angeles.

His is also know as the Fox of Europe for his great work of fighting communism on it’s door step and routing out the infiltration of Free Masonry in the Church.

The Cardinal also begged the Pope for a extremely slow implantation of Vatican 2 in Poland, great change of the liturgy is not good for a country in the state of persecution!

Finally we all know who his Young protégé was and who he became! Karol Józef Wojtyła.

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irena said...

I love the guy!
When he said something, he said it bluntly.
I'll be posting some of his quotes regarding abortion on my site soon. They're REALLY strong and true.