Monday, March 05, 2007

Just this Morning Mary's little child commented on my blog, I remember meeting her at the Melbourne MHCC retreat, just comes to show how small the internet really is. Here blog is worth a look

Now reading her blog really stirred my Polish patriotism (Yes to those who don't know I am Polish), so here are a few of my favorite Polish pictures.
Here is King Jan Sobieski the 3rd, he was king of Poland and he beat back the Turks at Vienna. Sure he's no saint, but he drove the Turkish hordes back from Europe thus saving the whole of Christian Europe.

What men did he use to beat the turks our of Europe? The Polish winged Hussars, the archangels of the steppes.

The king did all this after assisting at holy mass and consecrating himself, the whole army and the whole country to Our Lady of Jasna Gora. I can proudly say, you can not call your self a Polish Altar boy unless you have served in the chapel where Our Lady's portrait hangs, Our Lady the Queen of Poland.

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Summa Theologica said...

Shouldn't a picture of you be in there somewhere?