Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Latin Mass- Making the best of things

Last year in my annual visit to my previous abode of Wollongong, I hunted down a convenient Latin Mass. The closes I found was on my way back was a Mass celebrated on a Tuesday at 10.00am in St Finbar’s Church, Glenbrook. I was my 3rd Tridentine Mass ever so I sat in the pews, but the server there did an excellent job even though his cassock didn't quite fit.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Fr John Rizzo FSSP that day. Just judging from the way he celebrated the Mass , he truly is a holy priest. As can be seen above, this church was most likely built after V2 and is a prime example of the mutilation of church design and architecture. The church it's self looks like a back alley urban area. The altar is well quite frankly a crude brick fit for the sacrifice of a normal lamb in a pagan ritual, thus not being worthy of the bloodless sacrifice of the lamb of God. If I remember correctly there is a Masonic compass and set square mosaic on the ground in front of the presider's chair, not something in a Catholic Church.

Quite frankly I hate been so negative about the church so let's move on to the plus side. The altar was so easily made compatible with the Tridentine mass. We added the altar cards, a nice missal stand and moved the processional cross to behind the altar and we have a miracle, an altar just barely worthy of the Tridentine Mass. But I can really complain, this appears to be a decent church compared to what's out there. But I did notice something the I am certainly not used to while praying on the cold hard floor, then it hit me, WHERE ARE THE KNEELER'S?

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