Friday, March 23, 2007

Personal Update

Being in Year 11 in Australia, has granted me the new experience of having exam blocks. To those not familiar with the term, the blocks are a series of exams spread through out a few days. The best thing about it is that I only have to be at school for the exams themselves, which is much to my delight (I get to sleep in on a few days).

Today was my first day of exam block, I had two exams, Ancient History and Maths A. I like to think I failed them both, but I'm sure it's at least a B for both.

Now on to matters of the blog. My co-blogger is now eagerly attending the university of Queensland, much to his delight. Unfortunately that means he was more work, this has sadly forced him to cut down his already scarce posts, but I'm sure that when he gets the time he will give us such an intellectual post that we will not soon forget it. Study hard my dear friend!

Also my loyal reader might have noticed the donation button. I think you all guessed why it's there. That's right I'm after cold hards cash (I live in a single parent family, only a part-time working Father). But fear not this cash, if some are so generous to donate, would go towards Vestments, liturgical Gear, Books, Missals and a wide array of devotionals. Why do I need vestments and liturgical Gear, well let's just say the quality of these are not so high here and a good liturgist (which I hope to be) needs his own supplies as well. Books as well? Yes I'm afraid so, I need to increase my knowledge of the liturgy, the Faith and my vocation. Missals and devotionals? Yes they are needed to enhance my prayer life (I like icons and whatnot!)

Okay now, thats out of the way I can move on to what I can do for you! First off you get to see lovely photos of the "remnant of orthodox Culture in Brisbane and Australia" , I'll continue my so called "photo" posts. You also get my little info bits, such as my recent Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski post. Since my co-blogger is unavailable to post his theology and philosophy posts, I'll attempt to fill his large shoes, with my reading of "The spirit of the liturgy" and "The shorter summa". Finally you also get my humble opinion of a wide variety of matters.

Finally I'd like to request that my readers would leave a few more comments, I quite enjoy hearing what other people are saying. Now a few photos:

Here is my family altar. It's an nice little altar for family prayer (If I get around to asked my Dad to start it)
To wrap it all up here is a photo of my little Altar in room. To explain it a bit, the purple veil chalice is draped over a crucifix and not the blessed sacrament I have altar cards on my altar, not because I celebrate Mock mass or anything like that, I just like the effect they create and also I read them from time to time to learn more closely the Latin of the Tridentine mass. Finally on a crude stand, I have my St Benedict's prayer book, which has Lauds , Vespers and Compline for a 2 weeks that I pray.

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