Monday, April 30, 2007

On site Prep for Adore

Finally When I arrive, I had come with all the liturgical equipment. Br Superior's first obedience was to set up the chapel. My immediate superior was my good friend Br Martin. After about an hour, a lot of shifting and a panic session, we go the job done. We thought that this was great, fitting for the mass. Even this would make me happy at my school masses, but no we have to use a stupid table, not even covered with an altar cloth.After I had retired that night, I woke the next day to find that Br superior (also a liturgist) rearranged Br Martins and my fruit. I can admit that I was beaten by one more versed in ingenuity and sanctuary beautification then I. This new set up, I wonderful. I felt a spiritual high when I served here.
Having to help out with the liturgy, gave me a few unexpected joys. This is the fattest thurible i have ever seen! It's great, the extra space, allows for more coal, incense and smoke! It is a bit to small and lack the center ring, but apart from that It's awesome. I would love to have one like this!
Here is Br Superior. I really love having a superior, it makes life so much easier. They give you the will of God and you just go do it. I would love to apologies publicly for being a bit stubborn and domineering when it came to the liturgy, but the brother bore my vices with great patience.
Here is what the brother I called the Vicar General. You can guess that he was second in charge and helped me out a lot with clarifications. Everyone Please pray for Br Gabriel.

Last but not least is Br Simon. He is the most resourceful and holy musician I have seen.
Please Pray for him my faithful readers, hopefully he will be a priest one day. We joked the he is so short the deacon will need to pick him up so he can incense the altar!.

Have patience, photos from the actual adore will come soon.


irena said...

I wish Adore would come to Adelaide :(
Fr Bing said we didn't pray hard enough :(

"We joked that the he is so short the deacon will need to pick him up so he can incense the altar!" - Thats a good one :P

Anonymous said...

i say we do it to eddie...on a swing