Sunday, April 22, 2007

Easter Saturday

For the easter vigil I journeyed down to Marian Valley.
Here the Prior, lights the paschal candle from the blessed fire.
The Light of the paschal candle, symbolizing Christ the light that darkness could not over come.
The Light of Christ, Thanks be to God
I will post a video of an exultet being sung, due to not being able to record Fr Prior's masterful chanting of it.

Here is Father praying the collects, the reading of Holy Saturday are very beautiful and tell of the prophecies about Christ.
Due to us not having anyone to be baptized or received into the faith (it is a monastery after all) we unfortunately had to skip the litany of the Saints, one of my favorites. Also I spent a good 10 minutes searching for a good aspergil branch for Father. Father wanted a nice big branch to get everyone with a wave of Holy water.
The summit of the Easter vigil is the elevation at the elevations, Christ who has been slain rises.
The easter vigil, the most important event in the church went smoothly due to the dedication and hard work of The Monks, The servers, The choir and all the Marian Valley Volunteers.

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