Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Good Friday

O God, by the passion of Christ, our Lord, you have destroyed the hereditary death of the ancient sin, to which humankind had succumbed; grant that we may be made like to him and, just as by necessity we have borne the image of an earthly nature, so by sanctification we may also bear the image of heavenly grace. Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen

The Good Friday Liturgy begins with the sacred minister prostrating and the servers kneeling.
The sacred ministers then move to the sedlia for the lessons and the prayers.
The minister change into black vestments for the solemn collects.
My favorite being

For the unity of the Church

Let us pray also for heretics and schismatics:
that our Lord and God may be pleased to deliver
them from all their errors, and to recall them to
our holy Mother the Catholic and Apostolic church

Let us pray. Let us Kneel. Arise

Almighty and everlasting God, You save all
and will that no one should perish; look on the
souls that are led astray by the deceit of the
Devil, that having set aside all heretical evil, the
hearts of those who err may repent and return
to the unity of your truth.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ who live and
reigns with you and the holy spirit for ever and ever.
Fr John Rizzo FSSP came and assisted us with the trindium, here he is acting as Deacon and giving a strong sermon on the holy cross.
Ecce lignum Crucis
Behold the wood of the Cross

After the veneration of the cross, the minister changed into purple vestments for the communion rite. I sure was awesome to see the 3 sacred minister, compared with the usual one that we see. Norm is to leave the liturgy on Good Friday in silence, but it's pretty hard to stop people talking these days!

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Anonymous said...

3 sacred ministers at the Altar of your church sure makes it look small!!

You might have to go hunting around for a new church, if you need to celebrate the ceremonies with full solemnity on a regular basis.