Sunday, April 29, 2007

Quick Update

I just got back from staying with the OATH brothers (again). I met a person that I first met in Perth, his name was Peter (to the left). He had an unruly look, beard (didn't look tame like a monastic beard) and fuzzy hair. When I was leaving Perth, he decided to enter the OATH. When I stayed with the brothers, I saw him again. WOW the grace of God has transformed him. He was bald, no facial hair, well dressed and in a cassock! After spending a few days with him now , I see how God can mold people into what is most useful for his mission.

Now a he told me that he had found my website some time ago, praise God!. When he went to the adore he met me, once he returned home his mother said to him " I found this website, made by a boy from Brisbane, You would like it" He replied ," O, I met the guy at the adore"
We really did hit it off, we discussed the Carthusians a lot and declared people to be athemas!
This showed me, how small the world is! So everyone please pray for Br Peter from Perth.

P.S. He says he is well fed and has not eaten pasta for a while!

1 comment:

Pete said...

If anyone should deny the divinity
of Christ, let him be anathema.

-- Stupor Mundi