Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday, The first time in 4 years the full tridentine mass has been celebrated in the archdiocese of Brisbane. The church of St Luke's was the church that was graced with the most perfect thing this side of heaven and the celebrant Fr Jordan SJ.

Mr Chris Warnholtz, lead the procession in as thurifer. He is my generous benefactor in all things liturgical , so please pray for him, my faithful readers.
The Prayers at the foot of the Altar. I don't particularly like this enclosed surplice stlye to dalmatic and tunicle, I prefer the silted wing type.
The Altar is incensed. The deacon and sub-deacon flank the priest for it, although it is tradition to hold the edge of the chasuble for the priest while he is incensing, it is quite point less to do it if it is a roman chasuble, any other type you do need to hold it due to it covering a decent portion of his arms. Also at a missa cantata or any Paul the 6th mass with insence, it is a good custom for the MC and/or Deacon to flank the priest while he circles the altar and holding his chasuble for his arms to move with more ease.The Priest prays the collects. It sure is a wonderful sight to see the sacred hierarchy of the church visible at the high mass. As Monsignor Watch (the founder of the institute of Christ the King) once said "You will be changed after your first solemn high mass, due to witnessing the sacred hierarchy of Heaven, visible at the altar"

The Sacred Ministers sit for the tract. It is a highly commendable practice for the MC to stand by the priest side while he is sitting. Mr David Kerr, the MC in the photo gave this beautiful example " You have to be at the priest side, just in case he needs a mars bar , you can go out and get one for him". Also I highly recommend the practice of draping the chasuble or vestment over the back of the chair, so as to avoid the priest sitting on his chasuble!

The Gospel is solemnly proclaimed by Fr Rizzo FSSP acting as Deacon. The Sub-deacon holds the book of the Gospels (This time the Missal) and is Flanked by the two acolytes with candles. I find this method more dignified then just standing at an ambo. I keep thinking of a way to translate this practice in to the Mass of Paul the 6th, I am thinking of having either another deacon or a crucifer in alb, amice and cincture (I might push for a tunicle as well) to hold the book of the Gospels.Above is Fr Jordan SJ, preaching another of his holy homilies.

And the Word became FLESH!
The hierarchy forms again moving from the center to the epistle side, the Acolytes had the cruets to the sub-deacon who passes the wine to the deacon and he then moves to the priest, so that the priest may bless the water. The Deacon prepares and passes the elements to the priest.

The preface is chanted and the hierarchy resumes it's position in the center.Here the sacred cannon is recited.
Behold the Lamb of God!

The procession out. The tridentine solemn high mass is the fullest mass you can get, it is only abbreviation of the Solemn ponfitical mass at the throne. All other forms of masses are abbreviations of the mass. Serving the Mass is a wonderful and spiritually uplifting experience.
Also the Easter Sunday mass mass has the greatest sequence every written Victimae Pashali Laudes. I'll be sure to post a youtube video of the sequence as soon as I can.

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