Friday, April 27, 2007

Preparation for Adore

Sorry about no posting all my photos close to the adore , but I've been swamped with School, Masses and helping out the O.A.T.H. So finally here are a few photos from the week I spent with the Brothers in Perth, preparing for the adore.Here is the nice room I was greeted to after my 5hr flight from Melbourne. As you can see it is quite a nice room and also you see I have made myself at home.
Once I rose from my slumber, I found to my great surprise a well set up mobile chapel. It is mobile due it being easily constructed and moved. If only my school masses had a "sacred space" this good and conductive to prayer.

Here is the fruit of my labor. 6 altar candle stands and a processional cross. My role in the preparation for adore involved being kept outside polishing brass all day. It love to see my brass shine!After my brief 4 day stay at a vacant convent, we had to vacate and move to the site of the Adore. When helping to pack, I looked out over the balcony and saw the Indian ocean. It hit me , I was standing on the other side of Australia!

It was a great few days. More posts on the adore will be coming soon , I promise.

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