Sunday, April 01, 2007

Palm Sunday

Today I just got back from MCing at Marian Valley and let me tell you it was awesome! It was the close mass I've seen that resembled what was once called a Missa cantata.
He is the procession from the sanctuary down to the outside chapel where the palms happen to be. We moved with a procession consisting of a thirifer ,two acolytes , the MC hold Father's cope open and finally Father in a cope and wearing a biretta!
Here the Gospel is proclaimed old style, with the MC holding the Gospel as the sub deacon would at the Tridentine High mass, the two acolytes flanking the MC , the thurifer to the left of the Priest and the priest proclaiming the Gospel.Finally Father got around to blessing the Palms, Father also tested out his new monastic amice.
Here is Brother Luke leading the procession back into the church. Right behind Brother are the twins with my new upgraded acolyte candles.
Here Father is processing in, exercising his singing voice and having his MC hold his cope open.
At this point the passion is being read. I'd like to bring attention to the monastic practice of having the acolyte candles at the entrance to the sanctuary, One is in front of the credence table and the second is front of the ambo.During the singing of the preface the thurifer and the two acolytes with torches are in front of the altar, while the MC is at the priests side at the missal.
After the ablutions the MC re-veils the chalice and carries it off to the credence table. I would have loved it if the Roman rite still retained the practice of using a humeral veil to carry the chalice in what would now the the equivalent of a "solemn high mass".

Here is a shot of the MC instructing the acolytes in the formation for the procession out. If you haven't noticed by now, I was the MC and I quite enjoyed my fancy lace surplice due to the privilege that the MC has of wearing a lace surplice.
Finally here is the procession out forming. I was an awe inspiring day and it was a great delight to both the congregation, the Priest and the MC.

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