Monday, January 08, 2007


Yesterday I traveled to Marian Valley for the great feast of the epiphany.
It was a full blown Solemn Mass. We had 6 servers and I was the MC.

Here are the opening rites. Father wore a nice roman chasuble and final tested out his new monastic amice. He thinks the amice looks too sloppy, but I quite like it.

Here is the Gospel reading, notice that there is a portrait on the ambo. This is a painting of St Paul the first hermit, he is the patron of the order.

Here is the cencing of the altar. The monks set up a nice nativity sence in front of the altar, it's nice and small, not detracting from the altar.

Here is the cencing of Father. The Saturday before I was also at Marian Valley and we had a bit of trouble with the thirble, my favorite line of Father's was "It's buggered, Fix It".

The preface.

After concesration. Here we have the two twins Chris and Greg as tourch bearers , Eddie with the boat and Br Luke with the thrible.

After coummunion we had the blessing of the chalk and a special hymn to st Paul the first hermit in Latin (it's part of a novena for the feast of St Paul the first hermit). I'll be sure to post a copy of it in the near future and have summa theolgica translate it into English.

After mass we had a nice meal with the large contingent of the alianice of the holy family and there religious brothers (the O.A.T.H).

Here is Brother Luke (left) Brother Dominic the mission superior of the O.A.T.H(Right) and I'm in the center.


Anonymous said...

Dear writer,
we appreciate your website keeping us up to date with the happenings of Marian Valley.

Anonymous said...


margrett said...

to publisher,

i have been going to marian vally for a long time now but i do naot know the names of the five alther servers first and last names of the servers only on the 13th of january this month.

just as a suggestion i think you should make a lttle picture of them in this site and maybee a few coments.

Roman433 said...

Dear Margrett

In the intrest of privacy i can not disclose the last names of the altar servers. But there first names I have already mentioned on the blog. Finaly the photo's of the 13th procession to the grotto of Our Lady will be posted when i return from Melbourne.

Zachary said...

Please keep us informed as I am in rome and am yet to travel to marian valley, (fingers crossed next year) and join my confraters in the mass!!!