Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sarum Albs

Now for all my faithfully readers to do something for me, I have a favor to ask of my readers.

To my knowledge this alb and amice in these photos (see below) is the alb that was used in the Sarum rite. I have taken quite a fancy to it and was wondering if any of my readers might know
were I might be able to acquire one for myself. I really like the red broach on it, a well as the amice.


latinmass1983 said...


Do you belong to the Roman Rite? Why the interest on non-Roman things? Would you wear a Greek robe to a Roman Mass?

Just wondering...

Roman433 said...

Dear Latinmass 1983

Yes I do belong to the Roman Rite.
Why the interest in none roman things? Well I find that the Liturgical tradition of the west is very rich and the west does not only include the roman rite. I find that one of the worst things that the so called "spirit" of Vatican 2 did was destroy the other great rites of the western church such as the Sarum and Dominican rites.

Would I wear a Sticharion in a Roman rite mass? Well No, but I would if e.g. I was there representing the Eastern rite or there serving an Eastern bishop. But I would also love to acquire a Sticharion, just to add to my collection. Final you seem to forget that servers have worn a Roman cassock under the Sticharion to a divine liturgy.

latinmass1983 said...

Well, about wearing Roman cassocks under the Sticharion... Eastern churches do not have the same rubrics that we do. I don't think they have rubrical rules regarding vestments... since you see that they do not even have liturgical colors the way we do.

But if you are a Roman altar server, why worry about what servers in other non Roman uses wear? This was not done before Vatican II... right?

Well, on another note, I have here the answer to a question you posted before regarding the color of the cassock to be work when a high-ranking Prelate is celebrating Mass (It was sent to me by a friend):

The Caeremoniale Episcoporum prescribes this [wearing purple cassock] (Liber I, caput v, n. 4), but this rubric has often been ignored, for a variety of reasons, as you can imagine (expense, false humility, the Bishop's not wanting the M.C.s to look like prelates if they aren't).

The trainbearer's uniform is properly a purple cassock with black ferraiolo (often replaced with the ferraiolone, which is easier to obtain nowadays); and it doesn't matter whether the dignitary he assists is a Cardinal or a Bishop. What does change is if he assists a Cardinal at a Papal ceremony: in that case, there is no ferraiolo, but the purple gown with silk shoulder cape (crocea) instead. At a Papal Mass, when the Cardinal removes the cappa magna and puts on his vestments and mitre, the trainbearer then puts on a surplice over the crocea, and the mitre-veil over that! (Not very comfortable, I'm sure.)


Roman433 said...

Dear Latinmass 1983

It's nice too see that people actually read my blog, please tell your fellow bloggers about my blog. Thanks in advance.

Well the eastern rites have there own versions of cassocks (inner and outer, Greek, Russian). Logically they can be worn with the Sticharion. Think of it as wearing an alb over a cassock, the rubrics(now) say you don’t have to , but it still is better that you do.

Why wear the Sarum alb? Well you seem to forget that the Sarum alb is an alb. Take a look at two of the pictures on the post. The FSSP down here in Australia use the Sarum alb not only for the servers, but also for the sacred ministers. Since we all know that the FSSP know what they are doing, I safely assume this practice is allowed. Finally this is comparable to the use of a Spanish chasuble in the roman mass. The chasuble is of Spanish style, but is still used in the roman mass and the Mozarabic. But the Spanish style is the Mozarabic chasuble.

P.S. I know that the purple cassock for the MC is still used in a few cathedrals, such as St Mary’s Sydney.

Stephen said...

I think you would need to get one tailor-made. A blog on The new Liturgical Movement site would be of help.


BTW where did you buy your soutane and surplice? Us servers are considering buying them (although usage will likely be stopped by the priests).

Sarum style albs might be a compromise for us - something a bit more ornate - in keeping with the sign of the times.

aaron said...

The albs and amices are simply that - albs and amices. Gernerally the relevant colour is pinned onto them depending on the mass or the season.

Roman433 said...

Aaron how does that work exactly?
Where can I obtain the ampparle?