Monday, January 01, 2007

Pauline Monks

I wrote in one of my previous posts about Marian Valley. Well thankfully now I can elaborate on the matter.The shine of our Lady that is called Marian Valley is run by the Pauline Fathers and Brothers or the order of St Paul the first hermit. They are a semi-completive order. The order used to be a large and influential order of the church (rivaling such orders as the Franciscans), until they were forced out of Hungary by the advancing Turks. They then moved there main “holdings” to my home country Poland. That’s when they fell from over 2000 monks to a bit over 400 today. There apostolates include Shrines, Parishes, spiritual direction and retreats.

Marian Valley is staffed by three monks, Fr Prior Columba Mc-Beth Green (Right), Fr Gabriel (left) and Br Luke (centre). Also they are constantly supported by a team of volunteers. There website is also worth a look:

These Monks are loyal sons of the Church. There preaching, spiritual direction and Mass is 100% in accordance with the Holy Father and the Catholic Church. Marian Valley is one of Australia's cherished centers of Marian devotion. If you’re looking for a quiet and peace, as well as spiritual uplifting shrine to have a retreat or even that Sunday mass Marian Valley is the Shrine to go to.

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