Tuesday, January 23, 2007

MHCC retreat 2007

Well since I am a liturgist, I had to really get afew photo's of the Masses at the retreat. The Oblate apostles of the two hearts (O.A.T.H.) are one of the few "reform of the reform" clergy of the church. They are in fact a very strong sorce of the "reform of the reform". Some say there Masses are ultra conservative, no they are really the bench mark for what a solemn Mass should be.

Take this retreat for example, we had to use a multipurose hall for the main area for the retrat, even for the celebration of Mass. Did we just have a small table covered with cloth for an altar? See for yourself.

Even though we had a secular hall for the Mass centre, we still had a dignfied altar and sancutary. Can this be said even of all churches?

We were lead in some of the best singing I've heard for a while by a combined choir of sisters and brothers.

Here is the entrance procession. These photos are from the Saturday even Mass of the retreat. The main celebrant was Fr Matthew Cassanova from the order of Christ the Priest. Now before you jump down my throat about the blue chasble, well the O.A.T.H. and whole Alliance of the Holy Family have directy permission from the Holy Father to use blue for marian feast days, somthing that Fr Joe down the street doesn't.

Here we have Fr John reading the Goespel.
At the Consecration.
Per ipsum. Also the Mass was Partially in Latin.

At the retreat everyone recived communion of the tounge and kneeling.

The procession out. Now you might ask why am I not in the photos as I usually am? Well there are two reasons 1) I was the sacristian and assistant to the liturgist of the order, which prevented me from serving, on the plus side I could run around in my Cassock the whole time.
2) I finally didn't have a biast family member as the photographer, but rather a friend, she really does know how to take great photos.

Now rest assured there will be more photos and posts.

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David & Connie said...


I googled "Oblate Apostles of the Two Hearts" and stumbled upon your blog. Great blog, by the way! Fr. Bing will be in San Antonio, TX for ADORE Nov 16 - 18, 2007 [just a plug]. Keep up the good work. Save the Liturgy, Save the World!

Yours in the Two Hearts,
Connie Vuong