Monday, January 08, 2007

Fr Mark Withoos

Fr Mark Withoos is a priest from the archdioesces of Melboure and is currently studying in England. He recently visited Brisbane and help Fr Jordan with the latin mass community.
On his last day in Brisbane he celebrated the mass of Paul the 6th (no tridentine mass due to not having an indult) at St Luke's. I had the great privilage of serving for him. Here are a few photo's of the mass.
Here I am reading the reading for the mass. I only was told about a mintue before mass that I was to do the readings , so I was a bit unprepared.

The unveiling of the chalice. Sorry about the blue tint of it. Also notice the burse, I love burses they just add that extra shape to the chalice and not to mention take good care of the corporal.

We were going to use the high altar for an ad orientam mass, but Father arrived abit to late for us to move the "cammer table".

P.S. I only call somthing an altar only if it is dignifyed and either is a permanet altar or has aleast and altarstone.

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Fr Reginald Wilson. said...

Fr Withoos could have celebrated a Novus Ordo Mass in latin and "ad orientem." It requires a Missale Romanum (2002)and the readings are in english. Also, it requires a little practice.